Making Social Media Work

Having effective social media that engages your audience is a great way to stay in touch with your current customers, grow your market reach, announce product launches and diversify your business. Two of the biggest challenges we hear from Social Media Marketing (SMM) clients is choosing which one(‘s) to use and who is going to manage it?

Just like you engage an accountant to recommend bookkeeping software and to look after your accounts, you would engage a social media marketer to recommend which platforms to market on and to manage your on-line marketing activity.

Which Social Media To Use?

Social Media is all about an interactive web and sharing. It is a medium in which all forms of media can be uploaded and distributed, whether it be great articles, photo’s, video or audio; there is a platform for you.


Google +


Google +


Google +


Google +

Before you go off and say yippee I don’t have to go on Facebook, think about what your customers and potential customers are using, Facebook is still the biggest sharing platform on the web, however do consider what you can do with video marketing on Youtube, content and offers on Google +, professional services on Linkedin, images on Pinterest and Instagram.

Other things to consider about building great social media extensions of your website is how is it going to influence your “local” search market and word of mouth referrals especially now in the mobile market that is the World Wide Web. Get in touch and lets work out a social media marketing plan that reflects your business and can be a natural extension of your traditional marketing methods.

Growing Your Market Using Social Media

Social Media is the number one tool to engage your audience and it is like having your customersx. Meaning if your sharing is inciteful, funny, topical, of interest to a group of people or even a great offer; your audience will click on “share” and there friends, acquaintances, ex lovers, sport friends, mum’s, dad’s and anybody else that is in their group will see it too. Then they may share it too, they may like your page and maybe one day become a customer…

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